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Wings of Hope Grief Living Forward

Wings of Hope Grief Living Forward

Wings of Hope Grief Living Forward

Wings of Hope Grief Living Forward

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Wings of Hope Living Forward

Wings of Hope Living Forward

Wings of Hope Grief Living Forward


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A Stroke of Love Blog
A blog focusing on grief validation, bits of wisdom and hope

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I am the Mother to an Angel
A group for parents who have lost a child to share and make friends.

My Beloved Son Always Remembered Blog
As a new tribute to my son's memory I have designed a New blog site. The reason for a blog is simple, it has been a blessing to share my testimony of the death of my son and the blessings God has bestowed upon me after his passing. I use to get emails from viewers sharing their stories and/or seeking support from me. Now with this new site I pray that ALL viewers whether you are new in your grief or you have been traveling on the grief road for sometime that we all can lift and support one another though testimonies, poems, thoughts, prayers and love. Grief is a broken heart but HOPE is the answer!

My Child Has Wings
My Child Has Wings for Bereaved Parents and Grand Parents is dedicated to providing support to parents who are suffering as the result of the death of their child or children. A bereaved parent understands the pain that the death of a child brings. We are all traveling the journey of grief and even though our grief is our own, the understanding, support and compassion you receive from another grieving parent is of utmost importance.

Grieving Parents Healing Together
Grieving Moms Healing Together is a place where you are welcome to share your
feelings and heal your heart. This group is for mothers, fathers and grandparents who have suffered the loss of a living child at any age. We ask a daily question to lead to our healing.

Quotes, Sayings & Poems For the Bereaved
Inspirational Poems and Graphics for Living Forward after a Loved one dies. Sharing inspiration and giving hope to the grieving through graphics, poetry, stories, and quotes and sayings. We promote healthy grieving and Living Forward.

Grieving Parents Without Surviving Children
Grieving Parents Without Surviving Children is a closed group for parents who have lost their only child or all of their children. We lose our whole purpose when we lose our only children and are left alone. There are so many lonely days and nights and many of us have no grandchildren.

I ask all members to be kind and compassionate to all members of this group and work together to heal. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and together we can find peace and love among each other.

A Place to Heal-Parents Recovering From Grief
This group was created for Grieving Parents in need of comfort, peace, compassion, empathy and support. We all need a safe place where we can just be. A place that allows us the freedom to express. Other parents that share the same pain, and walk the same path. Understanding and Love. In honor of my son I want to help others along this path, so that they don't have to be alone during this life altering change. To encourage healing within love and spirituality. ♥ Carissa

Suicide: Grieving Parents Left Behind
Suicide: Grieving Parents Left Behind is a closed group for parents who have lost a child by suicide. The group admins are Sharon Johnson and Marce Matson, who have both lost a child to suicide. We are a healing group. We work toward healing, coping with the pain, getting past the grief and back to living again. Together we are strong.

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