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Wings of Hope Grief Living Forward

Wings of Hope Grief Living Forward

Wings of Hope Grief Living Forward

Wings of Hope Grief Living Forward

I am Sarah Pettrey and this page is dedicated to my youngest daughter Kimberly. Kimberly was such a prissy little girl. I never really realized until after her death, that she was a lot more like me....her mother than I realized! 

When she was 4 or 5 years old, she started dressing up every Christmas in a hellatious outfit. She would always put my pantyhose on and of course they were rolled up at the top of her patten leather shoes. She would blow up balloons and put them in her dress like boobs, and dance around the house on Christmas eve when I always had a house full of people. She was just a ham!!!! She talked all of the time (wonder who she took that after?) hahaha. 

I can remember Mike, her daddy, bet Kimberly one night that she could not sit on a stool in the middle of the living room and not say one word or get down for one hour!! The bet was $50.00. Well she won the bet. She was always after us to open just one present on Christmas eve, which she knew was a no deal but she would beg anyway. Well, one Christmas, Mike told her she could, but he got to pick the present. She opened up a dried up dog turd!!! She was so mad she cried. She was something else. I miss her so much. Our family will never be the same.


Kimberly made good grades in school and had lots of friends. She was captain of the pom pom squad and participated in alot of the school activities. She was also very close to her sister Lisa. She loved Lisa and would beg to go everywhere with her especially when Lisa was old enough to date boys.

Kimberly was a good child. She would check in with us on a regular basis and let us know where she was or where she was going and made sure to be home on time or at least call us so that we didn't worry about her.  After Kimberly graduated high school she enrolled at Prince George's Community college on scholarship.  She was planning on becoming a lawyer someday.



After completing her first year of college she came home for summer break and when to visit friends.  On her way home she lost control of her car some way and hit a tree. The car caught on fire. This happened on June 27, 1993. Mike and I went to look for Kimberly and drove up on the wreck and emergency vehiles. Mike got out to see what had happened and recognized the license plate on the car and fell to his knees. I knew at that moment it was Kimberly. Our lives have been a tragedy ever since that day and will never be the same. We miss our beautiful daughter every day of our life and always will.



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